Bitcoin provides certainty in an uncertain world. Mine with Merkle Mountain to secure the bitcoin network and earn bitcoin at a discount to market price. While mindful of ESG, we are capitalists driven to maximize profits for our clients, partners and investors.

​​We are bitcoin natives with 20+ years of experience in the oil & gas industry. We partner with natural gas producers to maximize the deployment of hash power and to accelerate the future of sound money.

Merkle Mountain is a full service bitcoin-only mining company serving miners, O&G operators and investors. We work closely with the energy sector to monetize stranded and flared hydrocarbon molecules or just to provide a better netback on gas produced. We offer end-to-end services, including planning, modeling, procurement and provisioning of natgas gen sets, ASICs and containers as well as operations management to fit your needs and objectives.

We also invite you to explore fractional ownership in bitcoin mines being developed across the U.S. Accumulate bitcoin at below-market rates via mines which utilize natgas fuel sourced at the wellhead to generate electricity at significant discount to grid rates. Our approach also insulates our operations from potential increase in costs and blackouts. We will be announcing our fund in the summer of 2022.

Drop us an email if you're looking for a partner to develop mining operations: inquiries@merklemountain.com